Highway 99 Tunnel Program Highway 99 Tunnel Program
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Steveston Interchange Project Overview

The Steveston Interchange Project is a key part of the Highway 99 Tunnel Program to improve travel along the Highway 99 corridor. As part of the broader program, the new five-lane Steveston Interchange will improve connections for vehicles, transit users, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Opening in 2025, the modernized interchange will provide more vehicle lanes, improve transit operations, and include sidewalks and cycling lanes in both directions for the first time.

Northeast-facing rendering of the new Steveston Interchange
North-facing rendering of the new Steveston Interchange

The project includes:

  • Replacing the existing two-lane interchange at Steveston Highway and Highway 99 with a five-lane structure. The new structure will include two eastbound lanes and three westbound lanes, including a left-turn lane onto Highway 99 southbound, to improve traffic flow. 
  • Improved ramp connections between Highway 99 and Steveston Highway to help with traffic flow and reduce queuing for vehicles.
  • Transit-priority measures to allow buses to move through the interchange more efficiently, including signal priority at intersections, and a dedicated transit lane and in-lane bus stop in the northbound offramp.
  • Sidewalks and separated bike lanes on both sides of the overpass to provide a safe path for pedestrians and cyclists travelling across Highway 99.
West-facing rendering of the new Steveston Interchange
Rendering of westbound travel on the new Steveston Interchange

When the new interchange opens in 2025, travel time and reliability will be particularly improved at the northbound offramp from Highway 99 to Steveston Highway and for westbound through-traffic along Steveston Highway.

Once the new tunnel is in place, travel time and reliability will be improved for traffic headed from Steveston Highway into the tunnel, further reducing traffic congestion at the Steveston Interchange.

Construction Photos

Measuring pile to determine cut-off point
Lifting rebar cage into place
Heavy lift 270-foot crane with 200-ton capacity at work
Cutting pile to precise height
Pier column formwork, northeast quadrant
Northwest quadrant pier columns  –  forming part of the foundation of the new overpass deck
  • Status: Contract awarded to Flatiron Constructors Canada Limited
  • Project Cost: $87.5 million
  • Schedule: Construction began in mid-2022 with completion in 2025

If you have questions about construction, please email StevestonProject@flatironcorp.com or call the construction information phone line (24/7) at 1-888-270-1075.