Highway 99 Tunnel Program Highway 99 Tunnel Program
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Bridgeport Road Bus Connection

Completed in October 2022.

The Bridgeport Road Bus Connection has been upgraded to benefit bus users, pedestrians and cyclists by making transit more reliable and cycling more accessible. This will improve transit along Highway 99 ahead of construction of the Fraser River Tunnel Project. Upgrades include:

  • A new bus-only lane that makes public transit faster and more reliable for people traveling from Bridgeport Road to Highway 99.
  • A safer signalized intersection on Sea Island Way that prioritizes buses and protects people when they’re crossing the road.
  • A new multi-use pathway near Highway 99 and Patterson Road that gives people more options for biking and walking.

The Bridgeport Road Bus Connection and Highway 99 and 17A Off-Ramp Widening projects were completed within the approved $5.28-million budget.