Highway 99 Tunnel Program Highway 99 Tunnel Program
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Building the New Five-Lane Steveston Interchange Project

As part of the Highway 99 Tunnel Program, the Government of B.C. is building a new Steveston Interchange to help reduce traffic congestion on Highway 99. The new interchange will have five vehicle lanes and transit-priority features to keep vehicles moving. It will also have pedestrian and cycling lanes on both sides of the overpass for the first time.


Located in south Richmond, the Steveston Interchange is a critical transportation link along the Highway 99 corridor.

Current Overpass

The current Steveston Highway overpass across Highway 99 was built more than 60 years ago and no longer meets the needs of the region.

Limited Connection

The current Steveston Interchange is a two-lane overpass. It was not designed to accommodate modern traffic volumes and offers limited connection for people walking and cycling.

Phase 1 and Traffic Shift

The new Steveston Interchange Project is designed to make improvements to all modes of transportation. The new overpass will be built in two phases to ensure people can use the current road network during construction. During Phase 1, a new structure is built on the north side of the existing overpass. Once complete, traffic will shift from the existing overpass to the new structure.

Overpass Removal

The traffic shift onto the new structure allows for removal of the existing overpass without impacting east-west traffic, completing Phase 1.

Phase 2

During Phase 2, a new structure is built on the south side, creating the new, larger overpass. All while keeping the interchange open through almost every step of construction.


When completed, the new interchange will have five vehicle lanes, protected sidewalks and bike paths on each side, and bus-priority features to make transit trips quicker and more reliable.


With a completion date on schedule for fall 2025, the new Steveston Interchange is designed with more capacity to help keep you moving.