Highway 99 Tunnel Program Highway 99 Tunnel Program
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The Highway 99 Tunnel Program will replace the aging George Massey Tunnel with a toll-free, eight-lane immersed tube tunnel. The program also includes improvements for motorists,  transit and active transportation users between Bridgeport Road in Richmond and Ladner Trunk Road in Delta.

Highway 99 is a key connection for communities on both sides of the Fraser River and a vital trade route. Opened in 1959 as a vehicle-only crossing, the four-lane George Massey Tunnel no longer meets the region’s needs or modern seismic standards. Highway sections at both ends of the tunnel require upgrades to improve safety and traffic flow for vehicles, transit users, pedestrians and cyclists.

Since 2018, the Province has worked closely with Indigenous groups, local governments and stakeholders to identify the right project for the region. A new eight-lane immersed tube tunnel was endorsed by the Metro Vancouver Board, which includes the cities of Delta and Richmond.

As part of the Highway 99 Tunnel Program, the Province is delivering five projects over the next several years to improve travel along the corridor. In keeping with regional priorities, the projects include transit improvements and the crossing’s first walking and cycling path. The Program consists of three transit and cycling projects completed in 2023, and the new Steveston Interchange, which is scheduled to open in 2025. The new eight-lane, toll-free tunnel will open 2030.